"It is a confident approach, and for a game like Bayonetta 2, it is also the only approach. This is a game that takes some central ideas—ultraviolence, religious iconography, female eroticism—flattens its palm on the sliders, moves them all the way to the right, and then breaks them off; we won’t be needing those again. Watching these maxed-out themes play with and bounce off each other is fascinating nonsense that gets stranger as the game progresses.”

Review: Bayonetta 2 welcomes players with something-for-everyone surrealism

"Sauron may have inadvertently created a rival, though, when Talion develops the ability to control orc minds and make them his own lobotomized servants to counter the Dark Lord’s army. This dynamic has raised troubling issues for some. Is Shadow Of Mordor not, in fact, the story of Talion at all, but instead that of an oppressed race of orcs doomed to do the bidding of a series of tyrannical masters? Have we as a society gotten the orcs wrong this whole time? Are the likes of Nazkuga and Ratanak the real victims here—not Talion and his brutally murdered family? Is the wraith-ranger’s mission tantamount to ethnic cleansing and slaving?”

Review: Tolkien’s orcs get what’s coming to them in Shadow Of Mordor

"Pompey isn’t a whole lot like Chrono Trigger’s Truce. We don’t have a port. There’s no massive castle sitting to the west. We don’t have a sweet cobblestone arcade at the center perfect for a Millennial Fair. Pompey’s got an old cannon infested with red spiders at its center. Come summer we have the Field Days. It’s got a Tilt-A-Whirl. It also doesn’t have a local teen’s teleportation device accidentally ripping open space-time, so we’ve got that going for us. I get Truce, though, and I get why Crono, Marle, and Lucca do something insane like trying to save the world. Not only do they love their hometown, they know it in a way no one else does. They literally walk its entire history, from the moment it’s created to the moment it’s destroyed. How their relationship forms with their hometown’s history is what lets them save the world.”

Special Topics In Gameology: Chrono Trigger’s heroes must relive the history of their home to save it